Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Social Networking Just Fun and Relevant for Business?

Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes with me recently is well aware that Social Networking is a hot topic for me. And those who have known me for long know that if I can find a way to use technology, well...I'm all over that! So now the challenge becomes for me and for you, is this time well spent?

What I know is that in a few weeks I have seen my networks grow exponentially. So yeh, it's been fun. While I watch T.V. in the evening I watch friends, family (kid in college) and chamber members posting messages about what they're up to. But here's the cool thing. I also see a tweet from Congressman Thompson announcing his support of the Secret Ballot Protection Act, important to preserving workers rights and protecting business in PA. In can also check into a networking sight for those involved in the pursuit of Main Street designation for Oil City,

Now for those who really just want to watch T.V. I get it. You might not have time for this, but if you're with me, tweet me, skype me or invite me to be your friend!

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